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  • Q&A Recap for WebiMax’s 10 Years of Growth and Success- We at WebiMax are proudly celebrating our 10th anniversary in 2018. Over the last decade, WebiMax has grown to become one of the top online marketing companies in the United States. I sat down with WebiMax Writer & Reporter Pat Donohue and discussed WebiMax’s growth and success since its inception in 2008, as well as the landscape of digital marketing as a whole. Here is the full Q&A: Q: How have you seen the digital marketing industry change in the last 10 years? A: 10 years ago, all digital marketing was focused on Google and social media was just gaining power but not yet as a marketing platform. When we look at the landscape of today, Google, Facebook and now Amazon have spread the reach that digital marketing can have, while more and more budgets are moved away from traditional media. Q: What has WebiMax done over the last decade … Continue reading
  • “Show Me The Proof That Facebook Is To Blame In Cambridge Hack”- Facebook is a merely a “conduit” and it’s “hard to say” that the social media platform is solely to blame for the data breach that saw 87 million accounts exposed to Cambridge Analytica. That’s the stance of Ken Wisnefski, founder, and CEO of digital marketing agency WebiMax, and he’s withholding judgment until someone can show him that Facebook willingly offered up this data that was eventually used as campaign subterfuge to steer voters during the 2016 presidential run. Wisnefski says “it wouldn’t make sense” for Facebook to knowingly release such a massive amount of data. For its part, Cambridge Analytica says it hired a research firm to scrape it up and then went off and put it to use. With CEO Mark Zuckerberg now finished with two days of testimony before legislators on Capitol Hill, Wisnefski weighs in on the future of Facebook, modern advertising tactics and how online privacy … Continue reading
  • Has the NFL Jumped the Shark?- There is always that defining moment in a TV series when fans watch an episode and have to say, “Wow…what the heck is happening here?”  Like when Pam and Jim finally got married on The Office or that episode of Happy Days when Fonzie literally jumped over a shark on a jet ski, hence starting the expression. After these “jump the shark” moments occur on our favorite shows, few ever reclaim their former glory. This got me to wonder if this can happen to a sports league, and more specifically – has the NFL jumped the shark? Are ratings down due to over saturation?  That’s right, NFL viewership is down by over 11% from last year.  Some people would say it’s the greed of the NFL which has now expanded its primetime slate beyond Monday Night Football to include Sunday Night and Thursday Night Football. The league also now places … Continue reading
  • Move Over Emoji, Here Comes Giphy – from Mobile Marketing Watch- WebiMax CEO Ken Wisnefski penned this blog on the new Giphy Keys for Mobile Marketing Watch I know new smartphone users in their 70s who not only use emojis, but talk about the meanings and nuances behind them. In 2015 Oxford Dictionary named (smiley face with tears of joy) its word of the year. I hope this helps make it obvious that technology affects the way that we communicate with each other, sometimes changing what we say, and sometimes fundamentally re-shaping our thoughts into new modes of communication altogether. Giphy’s new keyboard is a big deal and is one example of tech with the potential to re-shape our communicative capacities. How it works: Giphy Keys allows people to quickly and easily find an appropriate (or inappropriate) short looping video file or “gif” and share it in just about any app with a text field and a send button. Admittedly, sharing … Continue reading
  • Ken’s Article in Financial News Site The Street: The Future of Elections: Presidents Will Be Chosen Online, and Ad Budgets Will Follow- Political ad budgets on broadcast television are on track to be six times as much as they are online this year. Yet, the interference that the Internet has introduced into this election has been palpable. Our elections are going to be decided online either in this cycle or the next — not via online ballot box, which actually could be on the horizon. A large percentage of the actual political battlefield action is originating on the internet, leaving broadcast news discussing on-screen what has transpired online. Overall, digital ad-spending is predicted to surpass television as early as next year, and with every new forecast, that date moves up closer to now. Digital political ad-spend this year is estimated at $1 billion, up 5,000% from 2008, and is predicted to be over $3 billion by 2020. While the televised attack ad is still with us, the online attack ad is here now, too. … Continue reading
  • How 10,000 Characters Makes Twitter Relevant Again for Marketers – By Ken Wisnefski- Wall Street has long been skeptical of Twitter (TWTR – Get Report)  due to its inability to drive revenue through ads the way some other platforms have (see: Facebook). But, there’s hope. With the return of CEO Jack Dorsey, Twitter is nowreportedly contemplating removing the 140 character limit on tweets and replacing it with a 10,000 character limit. With this change, Twitter would begin to compete with Facebook and Google for advertising dollars and take the platform from a stagnant brand and launch it into a new direction. Allow me to explain. In the social ad sphere, Facebook dominates. But unlike Facebook, Twitter hasn’t attracted advertiser’s dollars because it’s a “quick hit” scenario without stickiness for strong ad development. The way things are on Twitter right now, everything moves so fast; factors like catching the right trends, using the right hashtag or just finding the right time to do a promotional tweet are so … Continue reading