Mar. 30 – The Top Technologies of Today—And Tomorrow | SJ Biz Magazine

When it comes to cell phones, lower prices and competition among service providers transformed what was once a luxury for the privileged few to a necessity for the masses. They evolved from the expensive “car phone,” carried in bags, to today’s tiny-by-comparison smartphones, which are used for far more than making calls and sending text […]

Mar. 29 – Mega Millions raises tough question for job seekers | MSNBC on Today

The Mega Millions lottery jackpot has hit a record $500 million. Would you quit working if you won it?  If you have a job interview this week, that is hardly an idle question. The lottery, to be drawn Friday, is on a lot of people’s minds this week, and as a result hiring managers may […]

Mar. 28 – Demanding Facebook passwords hurts job candidates and employers | Washington Post

A heated debate has emerged over social media users’ right to privacy stemming from recent reports of corporations and government agencies asking potential applicants to surrender their Facebook login credentials during job interviews.  Read more

Mar. 22 – What Might the JOBS Act Mean For Small Businesses? | DocStoc

A rare piece of bipartisan legislation aimed at helping spur job creation is currently making its way through Congress. The Jumpstart Our Business Startups (or JOBS) Act is a package of six bills that would ease various Securities and Exchange Commission rules that apply to small businesses looking to secure financing.  Read more

Mar. 19 – U.S. sales increase driven by online, savvy consumers | Hartford Business Journal

Retail sales for February exceeded expectations by one-tenth of a percent, according to official figures released by the U.S. Department of Commerce. The results, buttressed by strong automotive sales, were largely driven by customers using the power of the Internet.  Kenneth Wisnefski, founder and CEO of Internet marketer WebiMax, said he feels “the increase is […]

Mar. 19 – How to Prep Your SEO for Google’s New Algorithm | Portfolio

Remember those step-by-step procedures you learned in school for calculations and data processing? Those procedures your teacher told you you’d never need because other people would take care of it?  Well those other people work for Google, and those procedures—those operations that result in what is essentially automated reasoning through an algorithm—well, they are changing. […]

Mar. 16 – Three Ways to Use QR Codes for Business | MSNBC

When WebiMax, a Mount Laurel, N.J.-based search engine optimization firm, placed its first QR code on a banner at the 2011 Search Marketing Expo in New York, company founder Ken Wisnefski was impressed that it was scanned by 250 people. That led him to refine his QR strategy to track people who arrived at the […]

Mar. 16 – How to save the Post Office | Washington Post

The United States Postal Service recently announced the agency will consolidate or eliminate more than 35,000 jobs in the U.S. This comes as the agency has struggled over the past few years to generate a positive net-income. It is on a three-year plan to save $20 billion.  Read more

Mar. 13 – Three Ways to Use QR Codes for Business | Entrepreneur

Acceptance of quick-response (QR) codes–those square bar codes that connect consumers to a website, video or special offer–is increasing at a rapid clip. Digital market research firm comScore found that roughly 20.1 million people scanned QR codes with their phones in a three-month average period ending October 2011, vs. 14 million in June 2011.  Read […]

Mar. 12 – To create brand attachment, tell your origin story | Washington Post

The media frenzy surrounding the sudden rise of New York Knicks point guard Jeremy Lin may be cooling, but it offers important branding lessons on how small businesses can raise their profiles. Lin’s surge to fame primarily reflected through social media and traditional media coverage alike has given marketers and advertisers an opportunity to leverage […]

Mar. 11 – Instant Outcry: With social media, reaction to Limbaugh remarks was swift and effective | Philadelphia Inquirer

It was a leaderless movement that waged war via new media. It got big people to back down and mighty corporations to change their ways. Stoked by the blogosphere and social media, the public outcry against talk-show host Rush Limbaugh may have helped spur an exodus of sponsors from his show, both nationally and locally.  […]

Mar. 10 – Kony 2012 offers businesses lessons on viral marketing | Washington Post

This is now becoming more than a trend — viral is, in large part, the future of marketing. We’ve seen the physics of viral, most recently with “Tebowmania” and then its maturation with “Lin-sanity.”  But individuals, companies and now social causes are harnessing the exceptional power of viral for significant marketing gain.  Read more

Mar. 9 – Facebook Needles Twitter, Pinterest, With New Interest Lists | Tech News World

Facebook is rolling out yet another feature to keep members engaged with the site for as long as possible.  Called “Interest Lists,” Facebook touts it as a way for users to create their own personalized newspapers with special sections — or feeds — on topics that matter the most to them.  Read more

Mar. 7 – Smart CEO Magazine Recognizes WebiMax Executives as Award Recipients | Yahoo! News

Philadelphia SmartCEO magazine announced today the 2012 SmartCXO Award honorees, including both Mr. Todd Bailey, Vice President of Digital Strategy of WebiMax and Mr. Kevin O’Brien, Vice President and Principal of WebiMax.  Read more

Mar. 1 – No escape: Now Facebook floods 425m users with adverts on mobile apps | Mail Online UK

Facebook announced yesterday that adverts will appear on the 425m mobile devices used to access the social network.  The move follows the roll-out of adverts on users’ news feeds, which began in early January. This means that brands you’ve endorsed by hitting the ‘like’ button will now be able to push deals and other updates […]

Mar. 1 – Top 3 Social Media Mistakes to Avoid As a Job-Seeker | Business News Daily

Social media may be great for your personal life, but its benefits may not be as great for your work life. According to new research reported on, a quick review of a job candidate’s Facebook page can predict future job success.  Read more