Feb. 28 – Facebook Ad Platform Set For Major Facelift Pre-IPO | Investor’s Business Daily

Facebook on Wednesday is set to stage its biggest-ever ad event, where it’s expected to unveil an ad platform overhaul just two months before its IPO. The company’s future might depend on how well advertisers are able to parlay the dominant social network’s 845 million users into building buzz and branding — and more sales. […]

Feb. 27 – Facebook works to get ads to mobile users | The Columbus Dispatch

Facebook disclosed an eye-opening fact this month when it filed its plan to go public: 425 million members access the social network on smartphones and tablets.  The disclosure sent up red flags for analysts, because the company also said it does not “currently directly generate any meaningful revenue from the use of Facebook mobile products, and […]

Feb. 24 – Jeremy Lin Shows Marketers Emotional Attachment to Brand Still Alive | Exec Digital

The success of Jeremy Lin as a brand cannot be understated. We are introduced to a man who was released by two NBA rosters, only to be given a chance by the New York Knicks. His instant rise-to-fame as the starting point guard of the Knicks proves more to consumers than simply a lesson in […]

Feb. 23 – 5 Products You Shouldn’t Buy Online | The Street

Even when an online retailer wins out on price, the cost to ship it to your home might erase the price advantage, which is especially true of heavy items such as televisions.  “You’ll see sites that have a good price, but they’re trying to get it to the East Coast from Arizona, and a lot […]

Feb. 21 – 9 Ways Google+ Can Help Your Business | CIO

This month, Google+ passed 100 million users. And analyst Paul Allen (Google+ unofficial statistician) predicts that by the end of 2012 the number of Google+ users will exceed 400 million. Who are these people? Many of them are your customers, partners and media professionals. And now with Google+ Your Business, Google is attempting to make […]

Feb. 21 – Facebook Expected to Unveil Plan for Mobile Ads | San Francisco Chronicle

Facebook has designed Timeline to look the same on mobile devices as it does on PCs, although without the ads. Lieb said Facebook is also testing ads that appear like status updates on the news feed, yet remain in view longer, so they don’t get pushed down and out of sight right way. The ad […]

Feb. 18 – Lin Putting Bounce Back in US Basketball | China Daily

Vice-President Xi Jinping’s visit to the US this week has attracted a lot of expected attention from government officials, the media and the American public.  What was totally unexpected was the dramatic entry on the sports and international scene of New York Knicks basketball player Jeremy Lin, a Chinese-American born in Palo Alto, California, to […]

Feb. 15 – Google problem ‘spreading’ from Santorum to Romney | Fox News

A new website with a very off-color description of Mitt Romney could create a serious image problem for the Republican presidential candidate. Reputation management experts call it “image-jacking” — and Google says it’s out of the company’s hands.  Read more

Feb. 15 – Social media is all atwitter over Knicks’ Lin | USA Today

The New York Knicks’ young point guard has nearly melted search engines and Twitter over the past week despite other big stories, such as a possible war with Iran, the struggling economy, U.S. presidential election and Tuesday’s release of the 2012 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue.  Read more

Feb. 15 – Sixers: Race, not racism, plays role in Linsation | Philadelphia Inquirer

When Boxer Floyd Mayweather wrote on his Twitter account Monday that ‘Jeremy Lin is a good player but all the hype is because he’s Asian,’ and then later followed up with a tweet saying, ‘I’m speaking my mind on behalf of other NBA players. They are programmed to be politically correct and will be penalized […]

Feb. 14 – How Innovation Can Lead to Profitable SMB Growth | USA Business Review

Innovation can lead to profitable small and medium business (SMB) growth starting in 2012. This year can be a rebound year for SMBs if business owners commit to innovating and focusing more on client-retention. The key problem is that most business owners are reluctant to move forward due to pressing economic concerns including the financial […]

Feb. 10 – Commentary: Facebook’s Bando ad deal isn’t right for its users | Washington Post

When Facebook filed for its IPO last week, CEO Mark Zuckerberg revealed that the company generated $3.7 billion in revenue in 2011, 85 percent of it stemming from advertising. Currently, Facebook solely hosts ads on the standard version of its social media platform. However, the company recently inked a deal with Bango that will bring […]

Feb. 10 – Will Bango Help Facebook Monetize its 60 million-plus mobile app users? | Mobile Commerce Daily

Facebook reportedly revealed this week that more than 60 million users have engaged with third-party apps via its mobile Web site or native apps that integrate with the Bango service. With its mobile use growing, monetizing mobile is crucial for the company if it wants to continue driving overall revenue growth, and a new agreement […]

Feb. 9 – U.K.’s Bango Inks Deal for Facebook Mobile, Maybe Ads | Investor’s Business Daily

Bango, a U.K. mobile payments services company, announced Wednesday that it has signed an agreement with Facebook, launching a spate of rumors that Facebook’s 425 million mobile app users will soon see ads. Bango’s announcement came in the form of a two-paragraph release, which says it’s “too early in the relationship to accurately forecast the […]

Feb. 8 – Is an Amazon Store in the Real World a Good Idea? | Daily Finance; an AOL Money & Finance Site

The Internet is abuzz with the word that you might soon be able to buy a new Kindle at an actual Amazon (AMZN) Store. The e-commerce giant is reportedly opening its first pilot store in Seattle, something of a boutique operation that will feature Amazon exclusives like the Kindle e-reader, Kindle Fire tablet and its […]