What Sprint’s New Wireless Plan Says About the Future of Mobile

“Phones have migrated largely away from ‘talking’ at this point and are much more utilized for apps, searching and making purchases,” said Ken Wisnefski, founder and CEO of online marketing agency WebiMax. “Talking is secondary. Who talks on a phone anymore?”   CLICK HERE TO READ THE FULL ARTICLE

BlackBerry Launches Cybersnooping Counterattack

“If Blackberry can create capable devices that people want, this serious effort to reassure folks that someone is looking out for their mobile security could generate huge value and win them back a sizable share of the market,” Wisnefski, the CEO of Mount Laurel, N.J.-based Internet marketing firm WebiMax, wrote in an emailed statement. CLICK […]

Twitter’s Mobile Push Resonates, Driving Revenue and Stock Value

      “Twitter seems to be focused on growing its viability in the market as a meaningful destination for marketers and truthfully, a meaningful destination for users to engage more actively.”  – WebiMax Founder and CEO, Ken Wisnefski CLICK HERE FOR THE FULL ARTICLE

Blackberry’s Security Acquisition Might Help ‘Win Back a Sizable Share of the Market’

“In the past couple years, while it has been apparent that Blackberry was losing serious ground in mobile device market, it has also become apparent that eavesdropping and security is more rampant than anyone had previously thought,” said WebiMax CEO Ken Wisnefski.   CLICK HERE TO READ THE FULL ARTICLE

Blackberry’s Acquisition of Secusmart a ‘Smart Move’ Say Analysts

  Reputation management expert Ken Wisnefski told Business Review Canada, “People are becoming more aware that as they move more of their life online, they become more and more vulnerable.  Blackberry’s purchase of Secusmart’s high-security voice and data encryption and anti-eavesdropping tech goes a long way to addressing those concerns.  It also shows that Blackberry is […]

Facebook’s Blowout Earnings Are Even More Impressive Than You Thought

WebiMax Founder and CEO Ken Wisnefski comments on Facebook’s 2nd quarter earnings in the online business news magazine The Street. “Facebook has become a more popular destination for advertisers to utilize their paid advertising spends,” said Ken Wisnefski, CEO of Internet Marketing company WebiMax via email. “A lot of our clients have shifted portions of their ad […]

Webimax CEO Ken Wisnefski Comments on Facebook’s 2nd Quarter Earnings on Market Watch

The rise of mobile and fact that Facebook has become the predominant mobile ad platform will help boost its Q2 earnings and prompt Wall Street to see Facebook as beginning to leverage its assets correctly and hitting its stride as a company. CLICK HERE — To hear our CEO Ken Wisnefski discuss Facebook’s 2nd quarter […]

Yellen’s out-of-bounds comments irk Wall Street

Ken Wisnefski speaks to the New York Post’s Richard Morgan about Janet Yellin’s comment that social media stocks may be over valued. “A lot of people can’t accept that a concept can be so highly valued,” he said in reference to the so-called concept stocks that often pop up in biotech and social media. “And […]