Google’s Hummingbird Update: Should You Be Concerned?

In a blog post authored by Ken Wisnefski, Founder & CEO of Webimax, featured at on September 30,2013. Ken discusses the recent “Hummingbird” algorithm update which was implemented by Google. In the article, Wisnefski says, “The algorithm change, which is being dubbed the Hummingbird update, was made in yet another attempt by Google to […]

Google’s Little Hummingbird Can Tell You More

Ken Wisnefski Founder & CEO of Webimax, was featured in an article posted at on September 27,2013. The article discusses the new Hummingbird algorithm which was recently introduced by Google. In the article, the Webimax CEO says, “Companies have already been trending towards using and relying on longer search queries anyway, so it’s possible […]

Little Interest in Internet Among the Offline 15 Percent

On September 27,2013, Ken Wisnefski Founder & CEO of Webimax, was featured in an article posted on The article discusses the fact that although most people believe everyone, in this day-in-age, utilizes the internet for everything. An astonishing 15 percent of American adults remain offline. When asked about the matter, Ken stated, “I think […]

TWITTER IPO: What can be learned from Facebook?

In a recent article featured on Which discusses the ever trending topic of the upcoming Twitter IPO. Ken Wisnefski, founder and CEO of Webimax said “Avoiding the pomp and circumstance of a huge announcement allows the media to create the hype for you, which is only half as clever as the decision to take […]

Google May Be Giving Up on Cookies

In light of the recent report that Google may be planning to stop using third-party cookies in favor of an anonymous identifier for advertising called AdID. Webimax founder & CEO Ken Wisnefski, weighed in on an article featured on Direct Marketing News. In the article Wisnefski states “This ultimately puts Google in the seat of […]

New York’s Top Cop Cracks Down on Phony Online Reviews

On September 24, 2013, Webimax founder and CEO Ken Wisnefski was featured in an article discussing scams seeking to boost web traffic and search rankings on In the article, Ken stated, “This tactic is used to increase the reputation of a brand as well as increase sales.” To read the full article,Click Here

What Impact Could Google Crumbling Cookies Have for Online Advertisers?

In an article authored by Ken Wisnefski on Thursday September 19, 2013, featured on Wired Innovation Insights. The Webimax founder/CEO talks about a recent USA Today report which suggests that Google is working on a new way to track internet browsing activity. In the article, Wisnefski states the fact, “Google accounts for nearly a third […]

What The Twitter IPO Means For Businesses And Their Marketing Efforts

In an article authored by Ken Wisnefski on September 13, 2013, featured on The Webimax founder/CEO discusses Twitter’s recent announcement for plans of an initial public stock offering, expected to earn $582.8 million in its first year. In the article, Wisnefski poses the question, “Is Twitter the future of advertising? It’s hard to say […]

Twitter’s low-key announcement bodes well for IPO

September 13, 2013, in an article featured on SFGate, Webimax CEO Ken Wisnefski, discusses Twitter’s recent low-key initial public stock offering announcement. In the article, Wisnefski states, “Using its own position as a mass-media microblogging service to announce the IPO with a tweet was a stroke of genius” Click Here to read more

iPhone Reveal Sends Apple Stock Reeling

September 11, 2013, in an article featured on, Webimax CEO Ken Wisnefski, discusses Apple’s recent 5% drop in value of shares and the disappointment faced by stock holders. In the article, Wisnefski states, “The creation of the 5c didn’t accomplish the lower price point that will influence consumers to purchase it.” Click Here to […]