Ken Wisnefski in Mobile Marketer on what the FCC’s Net Neutrality regs mean for Mobile

    “I would specifically feel the impact will not be all that dramatic except down the line with the fact premium based services may change, which would alter how some marketers display their messages,” said Ken Wisnefski, founder/CEO of WebiMax, Mount Laurel, NJ. “I am still a bit unclear though of the range of […]

Ken Wisnefski in YP Ad Solutions on SEO/SEM Trends

“Google has not only added mobile-friendly tags next to sites in the search results, but also hinted at penalizing a site’s Google rank for not being responsive [meaning the website automatically adjusts for people viewing on mobile devices],” says digital marketing expert Ken Wisnefski. “Google wants to remain the number-one search engine, so if more […]

Ken Wisnefski in Mobile Marketer – Are Tech Start-up Valuations Too High?

      “Make no mistake, the valuations of these companies is certainly high, but the history of tech start-ups in the mobile space is very short, and based on what we’ve seen over the past 5 years, we should start to be less surprised,” said Ken Wisnefski, CEO of WebiMax, Camden, NJ. “Yes, mobile utilization […]

Ken Wisnefski in Mobile Marketer on Facebook Ad Relevance Scores

    “Facebook’s ad relevancy gives people an easy to understand metric that will be an extremely helpful tool for small businesses that may not be as media savvy,” said Ken Wisnefski, CEO of WebiMax. “With a simple grade between 1-10, marketers can see if their ads are working better or worse with their target […]

Ken Wisnefski in The Social Times on Amazon’s new Giveaway feature

Digital marketing expert Ken Wisnefski shared the following takeaways about the new feature from the retail giant: People love free stuff, so giveaways are an extremely effective promotional marketing tool for building brand awareness, generating leads and building an engaged audience on social media. Marketers have been able to acquire valuable leads and prospects through creative and […]

Ken Wisnefski in Bloomberg Politics on Donald Trump

“The real issue is that Trump demonstrated he still leads a very powerful brand as he accumulated more than 35,000 interactions on his Facebook profile.  That in and of itself was an accomplishment for Trump and his brand,” Kenneth Wisnefski, CEO at WebiMax. Click Here to Read the Full Article

Ken Wisnefski in Mobile Marketer on Twitter’s Native Video Feature

      “This will help get further visibility of Twitter and in some ways, treat Twitter like a newswire type service that is generated by its users,” said Ken Wisnefski, founder/CEO of WebiMax. “I like this deal quite a bit. I think it’s a real coup for Twitter.” Click Here to Read the Full […]

Ken in Mobile Marketer on Net Neutrality

      “A reclassification that would provide Internet as a public utility is a win for both consumers and marketers,” said Ken Wisnefski, CEO/founder of WebiMax. “The alternative of allowing Internet fast lanes really only serves to insure prices go up first on high bandwidth services like Netflix and subsequently the consumer. “But marketers […]