Ken Wisnefski in the Staten Island Advance on Black Friday and Social Media

  Ken Wisnefski was interviewed for the Staten Island Advance to talk about how mobile technology and social media is impacting marketing on Black Friday. “Facebook has just made it easy for small businesses to start implementing geo location into their marketing quickly and in a mobile medium that most people are familiar with,” said […]

Ken Wisnefski profiled in CBS Philly online

  Ken Wisnefski was profiled in CBS Philly online to talk about his success being an entrepreneur and to offer advise to those seeking  a career in business management. “Knowing how to delegate tasks and who to delegate them to is a skill, but don’t be above tasks. Know when to step into those tasks […]

Ken discusses Target’s new Mobile App with Chief Marketer Magazine

        Target’s new mobile app provides customers with in-store inventory information and store maps. Wisnefski says that combining this kind of app solution with mobile payment will allow people to avoid lines and could make the hassles of brick and mortar shopping experiences a thing of the past. “People will never give-up […]

Ken talks same-day delivery for Brick and Mortar stores with

“The ability for brick-and-mortar stores and malls to be able to marry both the ability to peruse and buy things online, and the ability to have it delivered quickly from the local mall, is kind of where the stores have to go to be able to survive,” said e-commerce expert Ken Wisnewski, chief executive of […]

TV’s future looks bleak as content moves online

To say that the way people consume media, or content is changing would have to be the understatement of the decade. While bandwidth and computing speed has continually increased since the 90’s, people have been discovering new digital avenues to interact with news, entertainment, games and even each other.             […]

Snapchat takes no responsibility for the Snappening or you thinking your “Snaps” would actually disappear.

So “the Snappening” happened last month, and 90,000 private photos taken by Snapchat users (mostly of an explicit nature) were leaked over the internet.  But according to a new study by Sumpto, the majority of  college students still trust Snapchat and will continue to use it.  My thoughts are that Snapchat isn’t blameless, and  people […]

Ken Wisnefski in Bloomberg News on Alibaba’s 3rd quarter

“Mobile utilization is only going to increase — and people expect that experience to get even better over time,” Ken Wisnefski, founder of Internet marketer WebiMax, wrote in a report. “It is so important for businesses that want to be around in the next decade to start thinking in terms of mobile.” Click Here to […]

Ken Wisnefski in Women’s Wear Daily on Alibaba Mobile Growth

 Ken Wisnefski spoke to Women’s Wear Daily Financial Editor Arnold Karr on Ecommerce giant Alibaba’s 3rd Quarter. In Alibaba’s first earnings report, mobile Gross Merchandise Volume (GMV)  as a percentage of total GMV,  was 35.8% of their total GMV, and more than double what it was last September. Ken felt that Alibaba’s experience, both inside […]