July 31 – Olympic coverage tweet puts Twitter at centre of scandal | CBC

For Kenneth Wisnefski, founder and CEO of internet marketing company WebiMax, the story marks a seminal moment in the growth of Twitter from a startup into a six-year-old company.  “They’ve become more of a ‘business,’ whereas a year ago they might have looked at things a little bit differently,” said Wisnefski.  Read more

July 30 – Google’s Penguin Update: What You Need to Know to Ensure Your Website Can be Found | Business Insider

Todd Bailey, SEO expert at WebiMax claims that “Google search is now releasing over 50 updates each month to their search engine, disrupting any consistency of guidelines and punishing small businesses that lack the resources to respond.”  Read more

July 27 – Welcome to the Socialympics | Boston Globe

“People used to take days off from work in the summer to watch the Olympics,” said Kenneth C. Wisnefski, founder and chief executive of Internet marketing company Webimax. No longer. Wisnefski expects to see a drop in midday TV ratings because people will check their Facebook and Twitter accounts for real-time updates while on the […]

July 27 – Impact of Social Media on the Olympics Highlighted by Twitter | Community News

“We simply have never seen such comprehensive engagement as this,” states Kenneth Wisnefski, social media expert and Founder/CEO of WebiMax. “Social media, and Twitter specifically, is driving an unprecedented, real-time, and interconnected experience that improves spectatorship and promotes the Olympic brand – the pinnacle being the London Eye Twitter Positivity Lightshow.  Read more

July 24 – Ken Wisnefski speaks with former NY Gov. David Patterson on Penn State | WOR Radio

Kenneth Wisnefski speaks with former N.Y. Governor David Patterson on the Penn State child abuse allegations.  Wisnefski digs deep in to the implications on the University and discusses their options from a reputation management stand point.  Listen to the Live interview here

July 23 – How to Build a Cult-Like Following | Fox News

“Sometimes businesses become one-dimensional. If they start to fall behind in one core area of their work, they lack the support beams to continue their success and hedge against challenges in other areas,” says Kenneth C. Wisnefski, founder and CEO of WebiMax.com, an Internet marketing company. It’s an important lesson for entrepreneurs and business owners.  […]

July 20 – Opinion: Health-care reform puts power of coverage back in small business owners’ hands | Washington Post

The United States Supreme Court largely upheld the Affordable Care Act in a 5 to 4 decision, marking a major victory for the Obama administration and greatly impacting small businesses.  Kenneth Wisnefski discusses the impact of the Affordable Care Act on small businesses.  Read more

July 19 – Basketball skill may not be only reason Rockets signed Jeremy Lin | LA Times

We know the Houston area is receptive, given the success of Yao Ming. In addition, the inroads that were developed with Yao Ming in the international Asian market can carry over and impact Jeremy Lin’s brand recognition.  Read more

July 19 – After Linsanity: Experts Weigh In on Lin’s Future in Media | Mashable

Nowadays that’s a big aspect, when marketers can look to some kind of metric to understand how beloved someone is by the public,” says Kenneth Wisnefski, a brand strategist and CEO of the Internet marketing company WebiMax.  Read more

July 19 – Knicks links: Jeremy Lin fallout continues | NJ Star Ledger

Lin’s transition from New York to Houston will likely eliminate the ‘feel good story’ he projected now that he is set to make $25 million over the next 3 years,’ Wisnefski says. ‘The end of the short-lived Jeremy Lin era in New York will likely bring an end to “Linsanity” and impacts his brand.  Kenneth […]

July 18 – Even in Houston, Lin boasts marketing potential reminiscent of Yao | Houston Chronicle

Kenneth Wisnefski is the brand strategist and Founder/CEO of WebiMax, an international Internet marketing company. He thinks “the second phase of the Lin brand, moving beyond the feel-good and overnight-sensation notion,” should prove highly lucrative, never mind his change of address.  Read more

July 18 – Will Fans Go Linsane For Jeremy In Houston? Don’t Bet On It | Forbes

Playing with a big contract in a smaller market, one with approximately one-eighth of New York’s Asian population, Lin carries the burden of expected stardom in a new town.  In New York the marketability (for an average Lin) would still be there because of all the media attention.  Read more

July 9 – ‘Internet Doomsday’ Passes Without Major Incident | Washington Post

Thousands worried that they would lose Internet access after the Federal Bureau of Investigation pulled the plug Monday on a safety net set up to keep machines infected with a widespread virus online.  Kenneth Wisnefski discusses online security.  Read more