The value of fake friends…

Celebrities with a large number of Instagram followers have taken a substantial hit this week devaluing their accounts as Instagram announced that they have “completed a fix to remove spammy accounts.”     Stars like Kim Kardashian and Katy Perry both saw their followers fall by over a million each. There’s a huge advertising opportunity […]

Ken Wisnefski in EContent Magazine on the increased trust in branded content

  To effectively introduce branded content without compromising your relationship with consumers, offer helpful and insightful information that the reader can use. “Include valuable information that provides the answers that users are looking for. You don’t want to give away the store, but provide something that makes it clear that your brand is a trusted […]

Ken Wisnefski on Fox Business with Host Gerri Willis talk about Amazon’s new ‘Make an Offer’ Feature

In this clip from Fox Business, Ken Wisnefski discusses Amazon’s new ‘Make an Offer’ feature which lets users haggle with sellers over the price of fine art and collectibles, with ‘The Willis Report’ host, Gerri Willis.  

Ken Wisnefski talks about why holiday office parties are good for business – from

Ken Wisnefski, CEO of WebiMax, an Internet marketing firm, believes not having a holiday party could cost a company more in the end. “When I have asked our employees to recall their favorite moments on their jobs, they almost always cite either a holiday party or an office get-together,” he said in a news release. […]

Ken Wisnefski talks about the worst / best office holiday gifts with ABC News’ Susanna Kim

When it comes to holiday gifts at the office, when your job and reputation are on the line, it’s not just the thought that counts. Ken Wisnefski, CEO of Internet marketing firm WebiMax, based in Camden, New Jersey, learned that lesson the hard way. “A few years back, I went through a lot of trouble getting everyone […]

Ken Wisnefski in the Chicago Tribune on holiday office parties

Ken Wisnefski, CEO of WebiMax, an Internet marketing firm, said not having a holiday party can hurt morale and productivity. Failing to consider morale, he said, could lead to higher employee turnover rates and more conflicts between employees. Click Here to Read the Full Story  

Brick and Mortar is Pushing Back against E-tailers… and intelligently using technology to do it

Brick and Mortar establishments, small ones included, are getting wise to the mobile revolution. Folks used to talk about ecommerce winning the war over brick and mortar due to its convenience, but companies are beginning to understand the dynamics between that ultra-convenience of mobile ecommerce, and the human need to get out of the house […]

Ken Wisnefski pens an article for Target Marketing on Facebook’s post monitoring feature for business

In this article from Target Marketing, author Ken Wisnefski highlights a little known feature that helps businesses keep track of their social media teams:  A Facebook Business Pages feature makes it a little bit easier to monitor posts—the name of the person who publishes each post is listed under the company name.  This information is only visible […]

Ken Wisnefski interviewed on Speaking of Wealth with host Jason Hartman

“I feel very strongly that we’ve ventured into somewhat of a renaissance era into the digital marketing world, if you will, and that includes social media. Obviously, a lot of different IPOs and evaluation that we talked about earlier, all really kind of come back around into what’s going on and either social media or […]