Jan. 31 – Is Charity an Impulse Purchase? | SEOmoz

Some aspects of marketing seem intuitive, yet after time passes, the reality of data collection sets in. Such is the apparent case regarding the donations-through-text process. An online post revisits the altruistic sentiments relayed by those who donated to Haiti after the destructive earthquake of two years ago.  Read more

Jan. 31 – Twitter Actions Receive Seesaw Reactions | Search Engine Journal

Twitter announced changes in its privacy policies, which immediately raised concerns for freedom activists in addition to writers and reporters in other lands, who feel their ability to share stories, some that may be seen as ‘controversial’ by respective governments and authority figures, will be limited. The reaction comes at a sensitive time for most […]

Jan. 26 – WebiMax Announces Extensive SEO Reseller Strategic Partnership Program Headed by Stan Evans, Director of Strategic SEO Partnerships | San Francisco Chronicle

WebiMax founder and CEO Ken Wisnefski announced the company now offers an extensive SEO Reseller Strategic Partnership Program. Headed by Stan Evans, this program gives other agencies the ability to offer a full suite of SEO services to their clients, while earning residual revenue.  Read more

Jan. 25 – J.C. Penney Maps a New Path | Internet Retailer

J.C. Penney Co. Inc.Mass MerchantOnline Sales:$1,530,000,000Growth:2.0%See MoreJ.C. Penney CEO Ron Johnson today presented a four-year plan that he says will establish J.C. Penney as America’s favorite store. His plan includes making big investments to improve the experience consumers have while shopping in Penney’s more than 1,100 retail stores, lowering and simplifying product pricing and revamping […]

Jan. 24 – Facebook Actions – How It Impacts SEO | Search Engine Journal

At the f8 conference in September, Facebook announced the addition of Timeline and Open Graph. These new tools let users tell a more detailed story of their life through a newly designed profile page. Earlier this week, Facebook launched Facebook Actions, an enhancement adding additional call-to-action tabs beyond the standard “like”.  Read more

Jan. 24 – WebiMax Announces Launch of SEO Reseller Strategic Partnership Program | Yahoo! News

WebiMax announced the launch of an SEO Reseller Strategic Partnership Program, heavily focused on the white label resale of its award winning services. The program is designed to help the partner grow and generate more residual revenue by offering SEO services to their clients either through private label initiatives or direct referrals.  Read more

Jan. 16 – President Obama Introduces “Insourcing American Jobs” Incentives | Inc Beat

President Obama plans to introduce an incentive-heavy program to bring American jobs back to the United States and reward companies that “insource American jobs.” The White House, in an official press release, announced the initiative and declared this a “call to action” by the President.  Read more