WebiMax CEO Ken Wisnefski on Reputation Management & Athletes – 104.1 KFRU

Pro-footballer for the Cleveland Browns, Johnny Manziel,  made an obscene gesture on the field towards the opposing team, prompting some outrage.  In this clip, Ken Wisnefski talks about the incident as well as overall reputation management for athletes with CBS Sports radio host George Young on KFRU’s program The Closers.

How Long Will The Johnny Manziel Finger Incident Linger?

Ken Wisnefski discusses sports reputation management and the Johnny Manziel “gesture” incident. Ken Wisnefski, the founder and CEO of internet marketer WebiMax, doesn’t think the nationally televised incident will linger long. “I think the chances of him doing something else are pretty high whether he’s seen partying or whatever,” Wisnefski said, hardly a ringing endorsement […]

Reputation vs. Reality: Athletes, image and the importance of brand management

JGS: How has social media either helped or hurt athletes’ reputation? Wisnefski: “Alot more athletes have been hurt by it than helped by it because a lot of times the athletes are not thinking about building a brand and don’t really view themselves as a brand. In time their actions are caught and it sometimes paints […]

Newspapers Could Lead Next Wave of Media Consolidation

In the meantime, some industry observers hope that newspaper companies will use their independence to focus more of their time and cash on growing revenues organically through better digital advertising offerings. That is certainly what Ken Wisnefski, CEO of the Internet marketing company WebiMax, has been pushing for as he has worked with various local […]

Gannett (GCI) Spinoff: Death Knell For Print Newspapers Or Sensible Separation?

“This is another death knell for newspapers,” Ken Wisnefski, founder of the Internet marketing firm WebiMax, told International Business Times. “The drop in newspaper print editions has obviously been well-documented, but I think this move — when you’re talking about a publication like USA Today — it really shows the focus, and the need to build […]