’Ello, Facebook! Sincerely, Your New Ad-Free Competitor

Ironically, the lack of marketing surrounding Ello may be one of the reasons the social network won’t fly, says Ken Wisnefski , CEO of Mount Laurel, N.J.-based Web marketing services provider WebiMax. “People looking to share content in Ello will have to troll Facebook to find it, go back to Ello and share it,” he says on […]

Ken Wisnefski Discusses the Ad-Free Social Network Ello with Ian Sherr of CNET

Could Ello unseat Facebook? That seems unlikely, said Kenneth Wisnefski, head of WebiMax, an advertising technology firm. But it taps into an undercurrent of dissatisfaction among some of its users. For them, Facebook “lost some of its cool factor,” he said, though it is still ingrained in the daily lives of 829 million people.   […]

5 Tips for Designing Your Website to Serve Every Customer Individually

Adjust content based on certain times. Changing the content on a website based on the time of day, week or even season can increase conversions as well. Consider replacing a phone number available to website visitors during business hours with a contact form when the business is closed. This will avoid missing out on potential customers […]

Ken Wisnefski with host George Young on NFL’s tarnished reputation

  Listen to Ken’s interview on CBS Sports Radio with host George Young on the NFL’s recent mishandling of a slew of transgressions by its players and what that means for the organization’s reputation. http://youtu.be/JECEv_wB4cY?list=UU20R_dWlwJkn6UElUG0XUMQ

Alibaba makes IPO history, opens new e-commerce chapter

Ken Wisnefski spoke to China Daily reporter Zhang Yuwei about the impact e-commerce giant Alibaba’s growth into American markets could have on American companies. “Initially, it won’t have much impact, but over time, if it can provide products at lower cost points or a new and innovative way to engage buyers, Amazon and eBay would […]

Alibaba IPO takes investors on magic carpet ride

Ken Wisnefski was interviewed in The Green Sheet business site on Alibaba’s U.S. Prospects Ken Wisnefski, Chief Executive Officer at digital marketing agency WebiMax, said, “Their margins are already high. They are amazing. But is there much more opportunity for upside from them? They are not going to be able to control that type of […]

Big Brother a.k.a. Big Data has his eye on your health. The twist? …You’re Him

The internet of things is generating a ridiculous amount of data on people brave enough to use it. There is data on everything from what temperature someone likes to keep their house in the month of December to what’s in their fridge the night before the big game. Some would say all this data is […]

The Rise of Tinder – IAC’s Investment Strategy is Sound

To some people, dare I say most, the idea of dating has always been awkward. Whether we’re asking someone whom we just met to join us for a meal or going out with a total stranger on a blind date, sitting there in constant judgment of each other can be unnerving to say the least […]

Twitter’s Buy button unlikely to be a big revenue driver

“Twitter needs to find more ways to monetize the visitors that are using its site,” said Ken Wisnefski, founder and CEO of Internet-marketer WebiMax. “But truthfully, I don’t think Twitter is a vehicle that’s going to see huge value from an ecommerce function. I don’t think people view it as that type of platform. “I […]

Mount Laurel business moving to Camden following $12M in tax credits

According to Webimax founder and CEO Ken Wisnefski, who was named South Jersey Entrepreneur of the Year by Philadelphia Business Journal this past summer, the business will be seeking to add another 100 employees at its new office at the Ferry Terminal Building over the next year. “Initially, yeah, there was some concern from our […]

Twitter rolling out ‘buy’ button; impulse shoppers beware

To e-commerce expert, Ken Wisnefski, the gradual addition of the buy button seems desperate. “While this new feature is intriguing, it’s not likely to make a huge impact on the revenue of Twitter,” Wisnefski said in a recent report. “The nature of Twitter is quick, fast information, not e-commerce,” he said. READ THE FULL STORY […]

For Yahoo, Alibaba IPO means a shot at the top again

Net marketing expert Ken Wisnefski suggests treading carefully because he expects Yahoo will remain revenue-challenged in its core business. “I feel that the purchase of Yahoo at this point wouldn’t be prudent,” says Wisnefski, who founded digital marketing WebiMax. “I don’t feel strongly that Yahoo has true staying beyond this immediate bump.”   READ THE FULL […]

Las Vegas Rises As Better Bet Over Atlantic City

Ken Wisnefski was interviewed by Natalie Rodriguez for Law 360 regarding the Atlantic City casino closures.  Read his quotes below: “The marketing hasn’t evolved with the landscape. … [Casino companies and state officials have] never really gone to a great degree to position it as a destination, they really just focused on the gaming,” said […]