Ken Wisnefski Quoted in Marketing Mag on Twitters 10,000k Character Proposal

Marketers everywhere felt a great disturbance in the Twittersphere last week. CEO Jack Dorsey confirmed the company is considering expanding its character limit from 140 up to a comparatively endless 10,000. That likely won’t mean that tweets themselves become screeds that clog up visitors’ feeds. The way Dorsey described it, people will be able to […]

Ken Writes Article Regarding Twitter’s Discussion to Expand Their Character Limit to 10k – on

Twitter’s core users are either there to get brief updates from the influencers they care about or interact with folks they don’t know personally, but with whom they may share a common interest. For influencers, it’s perhaps one of the greatest tools ever created for easily broadcasting a message. In fact, one of the best […]

How 10,000 Characters Makes Twitter Relevant Again for Marketers – By Ken Wisnefski

Wall Street has long been skeptical of Twitter (TWTR – Get Report)  due to its inability to drive revenue through ads the way some other platforms have (see: Facebook). But, there’s hope. With the return of CEO Jack Dorsey, Twitter is nowreportedly contemplating removing the 140 character limit on tweets and replacing it with a 10,000 character limit. With […]