Ken Wisnefski Joins WSJ This Morning Radio Show Discussing Recent Issues Surrounding

October 24, 2013, Ken Wisnefski joined “Wall Street Journal This Morning” radio show to discuss how businesses can possibly avoid a disastrous website launch like the one experienced on October 1st. Read a summary here, or listen to the segment below.  

Hummingbird…Friend or Foe?

The industry is abuzz once again related to an update by Google. Unlike it’s more nasty and mean spirited predecessors, the Hummingbird update is less of a concern and more of an enhancement. Driven by the evolving nature in which web users actually engage the Google search engine, the new algorithm will provide more insight […]

What Google’s Hummingbird Algorithm Means for Small Business

October 8, 2013, Webimax Founder & CEO Ken Wisnefski spoke for an article featured at The topic was how the new Google Algorithm update, Hummingbird, will affect small business. Wisnefski had this to say on the matter: “The main reasons Google created the Hummingbird update revolve around the nature by which people search more […]

What Google’s Hummingbird update means for marketers

On October 1, 2013, Ken Wisnefski wrote an article discussing the new Google Hummingbird algorithm update and what it means for online marketers. Excerpt from the article: “The Hummingbird update shows that the search engine giant will make it easier for companies to compete with the giants of their field in the localized space.” View […]

Google rewrites its rules

On September 27, 2013, Webimax founder & CEO Ken Wisnefski was featured in an article on discussing recent updates made by Google. Including but not limited to the AdID cookie and the new Hummingbird algorithm update. In this article, Ken states, “The potential Google tracking technology—the “super cookie”—likely will revolve less around a user’s […]

The Hummingbird Update: The Lessons for Digital Marketers

On September 27, 2013, Webimax founder and CEO Ken Wisnefski posted an article on discussing “Hummingbird”, which is a search engine algorithm update recently launched by Google. This was the Search Engine Giant’s largest update since 2001. In this article, Ken informs, “The term “hummingbird” was chosen by Google to represent the preciseness and […]