In the publicly-held tech arena, will HubSpot be a winner or a loser?

HubSpot  recently had a very successful IPO, but does it have what it takes to be successful long-term? Recently it seems we are living in an era where some big tech company seems to launch, get bought, or has an IPO every other week.  The business models for some of them are something altogether untested […]

Facebook Down on Slowed User Growth, Increased Costs

Ken Wisnefski talked to Fox Business reporter Katie Roof regarding the value of Facebook’s stock. “Facebook has become one of the absolute best stocks to purchase. It’s what Google was in its early days,” Ken Wisnefski, founder of,” said. Click Here to read the Full Article

Ken Wisnefski on Facebook’s Mobile Ad Prowess – Mobile Marketer

Ken Wisnefski talks to Mobile Marketer’s Michael Barris about Facebook’s mobile dominance and 3rd quarter earnings. “The major item to consider is that advertisers are moving a lot of budget towards Facebook,” said Ken Wisnefski, CEO, Webimax. “This budget is coming from places like Google spends which will hurt Google while fueling the growth of […]

Let Apple’s U2 stunt be a lesson to those that want to give away free music.

As part of the promotion for the latest iteration of the Iphone, Apple inadvertently ticked off a lot of customers -presuming that they’d like a copy of the new U2 album and thereby uploading it onto their devices. In doing so, Apple basically said, “whether you like U2 or not, you like U2.” This deal […]

Ken’s Interview in The Social Media Monthly Magazine on Snapchat

  Ken lent his insights to Social Media Monthly Magazine on the ephemeral messaging app Snapchat’s efforts to monetize their platform with advertising. “Ask MySpace what ads will do to your platform,” said Wisnefski.  “At the end of the day, trendy platforms like SnapChat start to lose their cool once more focused advertising begins to […]

Ken talks to the Washington Post about frequent-flier programs favoring airlines over fliers

Ken Wisnefski spoke with the Washington Post’s Christopher Elliott on what’s behind customer loyalty programs. The DOT inspector general audit resonates with frequent fliers like Ken Wisnefski, the founder of a Web marketing firm in Camden, N.J. As a professional marketer, he’s seen any number of loyalty programs up close. But he says that nothing […]

3 Effective Ways to Use Snapchat for Your Business

“Snapchat can be an effective marketing tool for businesses targeting a younger clientele,” said Ken Wisnefski, founder and CEO of Internet marketing company WebiMax. Businesses can promote specific products, offer discounts and use the Snapchat Stories feature to entice younger audiences to engage in their brand, he added. Because of this, however, Snapchat isn’t worth your time […]

Netflix Original Series Ratings Are A Mystery As Adam Sandler Joins TV’s New Dark Ages

Ken Wisnefski was quoted in the International business times on why Netflix may not share their information on their ratings: Exactly how many of those subscribers watch, say, “House of Cards” is a matter of pure speculation, and analysts say that could be for one of two reasons: Either ratings for Netflix shows are terrible, […]