Ken talks the Internet of Things and Google’s Brillo OS with Mobile Marketer’s Michael Barris

Other analysts doubted that Brillo would eventually replace Android. “Putting the Internet into phones has led the march to mobile’s dominance in the way people connect to the internet at least in the U.S.,” said Ken Wisnefski, founder and CEO of WebiMax. “Android is the dominant OS in smartphones, and it would be a mistake […]

Ken Wisnefski comments in Mobile Marketer on new study that analyzed 1Billion native ads

Ken Wisnefski commented on the findings on a study by the firm Velvet Integrated PR that analyzed 1 billion native ads. “Getting people to click on something that appears to be an ad is a very tall order when surrounded by compelling, interesting articles and stories with facts and figures,” said Ken Wisnefski, founder and […]

Ken Wisnefski on Phillies GM Ruben Amaro’s PR problem

      Reputation expert weighs in: Social media and reputation management expert Ken Wisnefski, who is founder and chief executive officer of internet marketer WebiMax, located on the Camden waterfront just across from Philadelphia, finds Amaro’s remarks hard to fathom.   “You have to ask yourself, in this day and age where everything public figures […]

Ken in Mobile Marketer says Responsive Web design essential in Asia-Pacific’s content cocktail

“A Web site that is mobile responsive and content are key for a lot of reasons, even if we’re talking about markets where social media apps are preferred,” said Ken Wisnefski, founder and CEO of WebiMax. “We have markets where people are going right to the source, so blog content is a huge factor, and that content […]

Ken Wisnefski in the CIO on Facebook’s instant articles

“News sites … have always been at the mercy of Facebook’s algorithms, and Facebook has no obligation to let us in on those,” says Ken Wisnefski, CEO of the digital marketing agency WebiMax. Facebook could provide more value to media publishers if it offers a guarantee that articles will reach desired demographics or certain amounts of […]

Ken Wisnefski wrote an article in on how Google’s Buy Button is no threat to Amazon

  Here’s an excerpt from Ken’s article in What Google is doing here is nothing new for digital businesses. We’ve seen it time and again: Once an internet platform has enough users, it attempts to aggregate different functionalities and content to keep those users from spending time on other platforms for other purposes. Most recently, […]

Ken in How AOL Became So Dominant in Online Video and Why Verizon Cares

Verizon’s power-play for AOL is not for its properties as much as its online video capabilities. AOL is a video juggernaut ranked 3rd just behind Google and Facebook at serving up desktop content videos to unique viewers per month, and 4th behind some lesser known competitors at serving ads that reached 41.9% of the U.S. Population in March, all […]

Is Facebook a Helping Hand for News Media or has it become a Crutch? from

Ken Wisnefski penned an article in Jim Cramer’s on Facebook’s new Instant Articles.  Below is an excerpt: …Social media sites are also vying to keep eyeballs on their own sites so they can serve up ads. As such, they really have no incentive to send people away to other sites like the New York […]

Is the Definition of Social Media Changing?

Ken Wisnefski composed an article regarding Facebook’s initiative to host news stories from reputable news organizations the New York Times and National Geographic on its platform.  Here is an excerpt: It does seem to raise the question; does a partnership between a well-known news organization and Facebook put Facebook, by any measure, in charge of […]

Is Facebook Failing to Serve Digital Marketers and Leaving Millions on the Table?

Ken Wisnefski penned an article for Jim Cramer’s,  here’s an excerpt: With more digital ad budgets shifting away from Google and into Facebook’s ad platform, is it possible that Facebook simply can’t meet the demand placed on it by its advertisers? It certainly appears that way, at least to us in this agency. Companies […]

Ken Wisnefski talks email marketing with Linda Prophal from Strategic Communications

        Some advice from the pros: Spend Time on the Subject Line The trick to getting people to read your email is to first get them to open it, says Ken Wisnefski, CEO of WebiMax, an Internet marketing firm headquartered in Camden, New Jersey. Think of your own email habits. Do you, […]