Ken Wisnefski interviewed on Speaking of Wealth with host Jason Hartman

“I feel very strongly that we’ve ventured into somewhat of a renaissance era into the digital marketing world, if you will, and that includes social media. Obviously, a lot of different IPOs and evaluation that we talked about earlier, all really kind of come back around into what’s going on and either social media or digital marketing in general.”

“So, I feel there’s a lot of intrigue and interest and ultimately this vertical lead generation being an aspect to that and ultimately we’re seeing a lot of companies that have had followed the more traditional marketing paths, ultimately really start to abandon TV advertising, billboard advertising, magazine advertising, and really investing in digital marketing. I think that now is a really intriguing and good time to be really invested in this type of vertical and, obviously, I think we’ll continue to see a lot more interest from large companies in this area as well.”

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Webimax CEO Ken Wisnefski Comments on Facebook’s 2nd Quarter Earnings on Market Watch

The rise of mobile and fact that Facebook has become the predominant mobile ad platform will help boost its Q2 earnings and prompt Wall Street to see Facebook as beginning to leverage its assets correctly and hitting its stride as a company.

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WebiMax Founder & CEO Ken Wisnefski on KYW Newsradio

May 5, 2014, Listen to WebiMax’s Founder & CEO, Ken Wisnefski, discuss the recent redesign of Facebook Business Pages and what it means for marketers.



Ken Wisnefski Joins WSJ This Morning Radio Show Discussing Recent Issues Surrounding

Wall Street Journal This Morning

October 24, 2013, Ken Wisnefski joined “Wall Street Journal This Morning” radio show to discuss how businesses can possibly avoid a disastrous website launch like the one experienced on October 1st. Read a summary here, or listen to the segment below.



Ken Talks About The Collision of Sports and Social Media With Team1010 KXPS



What changes come with Google’s Hummingbird?

On October 7, 2013, Webimax founder & CEO Ken Wisnefski was featured in an interview on Wall Street Journal MarketWatch talking about the Google algorithm change and what it means for marketers.


Ken Wisnefski – Sioux Falls, South Dakota 99.1 ESPN Radio – Ryan Braun and Reputation Management



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