Ken Writes Article Regarding Twitter’s Discussion to Expand Their Character Limit to 10k – on

Twitter’s core users are either there to get brief updates from the influencers they care about or interact with folks they don’t know personally, but with whom they may share a common interest. For influencers, it’s perhaps one of the greatest tools ever created for easily broadcasting a message. In fact, one of the best […]

Ken Comments on the Republican Race to the White House

Reputation Management Expert Ken Wisnefski comments on why it seems Donald Trump is rewarded for saying things most would be criticized for. “While I certainly wouldn’t advise my clients to make such defiant political statements, I do advise my clients to acknowledge the importance of transparency. In a world where people have so much information […]

Ken in NJBIZ Discusses Moving to Camden One Year Later

As he sits in a conference room that overlooks the Delaware River and the Philadelphia skyline, WebiMax founder and CEO Ken Wisnefski is also enjoying his view of Camden. A Newark native, Wisnefski says he’s proud of the fact his company was the first to commit to Camden under the landmark Economic Opportunity Act of […]

Ken Wisnefski Talks with Greg Adomatis of about Moving WebiMax to Camden

CAMDEN — They could have gone to Delaware or stayed in Mount Laurel, but Webimax opted to invest in the “city invincible”… As of October, the NJEDA has put more than $1.1 billion on the table to lure businesses to Camden. Holtec International will receive $260 million as they construct a nuclear power plant production facility. Others, like […]

Ken Wisnefski on Phillies GM Ruben Amaro’s PR problem

      Reputation expert weighs in: Social media and reputation management expert Ken Wisnefski, who is founder and chief executive officer of internet marketer WebiMax, located on the Camden waterfront just across from Philadelphia, finds Amaro’s remarks hard to fathom.   “You have to ask yourself, in this day and age where everything public figures […]

Ken in the Courier Post on WebiMax’s Move to Camden

COMMENTARY: WebiMax glad to be part of Camden I wanted to comment on a letter to the editor that stated that businesses should give back to Camden as part of the process of moving their companies there. As the founder and CEO of WebiMax, I absolutely agree with that statement and agree that our company, located […]

Ken Wisnefski talks about why holiday office parties are good for business – from

Ken Wisnefski, CEO of WebiMax, an Internet marketing firm, believes not having a holiday party could cost a company more in the end. “When I have asked our employees to recall their favorite moments on their jobs, they almost always cite either a holiday party or an office get-together,” he said in a news release. […]

Ken Wisnefski in the Chicago Tribune on holiday office parties

Ken Wisnefski, CEO of WebiMax, an Internet marketing firm, said not having a holiday party can hurt morale and productivity. Failing to consider morale, he said, could lead to higher employee turnover rates and more conflicts between employees. Click Here to Read the Full Story  

Ken Wisnefski in the Staten Island Advance on Black Friday and Social Media

  Ken Wisnefski was interviewed for the Staten Island Advance to talk about how mobile technology and social media is impacting marketing on Black Friday. “Facebook has just made it easy for small businesses to start implementing geo location into their marketing quickly and in a mobile medium that most people are familiar with,” said […]

Ken talks to the Washington Post about frequent-flier programs favoring airlines over fliers

Ken Wisnefski spoke with the Washington Post’s Christopher Elliott on what’s behind customer loyalty programs. The DOT inspector general audit resonates with frequent fliers like Ken Wisnefski, the founder of a Web marketing firm in Camden, N.J. As a professional marketer, he’s seen any number of loyalty programs up close. But he says that nothing […]

Mount Laurel business moving to Camden following $12M in tax credits

According to Webimax founder and CEO Ken Wisnefski, who was named South Jersey Entrepreneur of the Year by Philadelphia Business Journal this past summer, the business will be seeking to add another 100 employees at its new office at the Ferry Terminal Building over the next year. “Initially, yeah, there was some concern from our […]

Twitter rolling out ‘buy’ button; impulse shoppers beware

To e-commerce expert, Ken Wisnefski, the gradual addition of the buy button seems desperate. “While this new feature is intriguing, it’s not likely to make a huge impact on the revenue of Twitter,” Wisnefski said in a recent report. “The nature of Twitter is quick, fast information, not e-commerce,” he said. READ THE FULL STORY […]

For Yahoo, Alibaba IPO means a shot at the top again

Net marketing expert Ken Wisnefski suggests treading carefully because he expects Yahoo will remain revenue-challenged in its core business. “I feel that the purchase of Yahoo at this point wouldn’t be prudent,” says Wisnefski, who founded digital marketing WebiMax. “I don’t feel strongly that Yahoo has true staying beyond this immediate bump.”   READ THE FULL […]

Yellen’s out-of-bounds comments irk Wall Street

Ken Wisnefski speaks to the New York Post’s Richard Morgan about Janet Yellin’s comment that social media stocks may be over valued. “A lot of people can’t accept that a concept can be so highly valued,” he said in reference to the so-called concept stocks that often pop up in biotech and social media. “And […]

Little Interest in Internet Among the Offline 15 Percent

On September 27,2013, Ken Wisnefski Founder & CEO of Webimax, was featured in an article posted on The article discusses the fact that although most people believe everyone, in this day-in-age, utilizes the internet for everything. An astonishing 15 percent of American adults remain offline. When asked about the matter, Ken stated, “I think […]

Nov. 21st: Four Mobile Apps to Navigate the Madness of Black Friday

Kenneth Wisnefski was featured by The Washington Times recently, in an article in which he discussed the popularity of mobile shopping apps and their prevalence and usefulness to shoppers on Black Friday. For the full story, click here.  

Nov. 11th: Kenneth Wisnefski Speaks with The Philadelphia Inquirer

Earlier today, Ken spoke with the Philadelphia Inquirer’s John Timpane about the Presidential Election and the impact social networks such as Twitter made on Election Day. Ken said, “(Obama) directly engaged with his follower base in aggressively connecting with them during Election Day” and believes this high level of engagement may have led to his […]

Nov. 7th: Ken Discusses How Facebook and Twitter Transformed the Election with the Philadelphia Inquirer

WebiMax Founder & CEO, Kenneth Wisnefski discusses the importance of social networks such as Facebook and Twitter in this year’s election and how social media has impacted the campaign. According to Ken, “4 out of 10 voters indicate their decision will be based on some of the activity heard on social media.” For the full […]

Nov. 5th: Bracing For a Social Media Explosion on Election Day

The Presidential Election set to take place tomorrow will largely be reliant on independent voters and winning crucial swing states. There has been a significant amount of momentum building in social media and the online community that will play a major role in helping independent voters make their choice.  Read more on