For quite some time now, Facebook has been the world’s preeminent social networking site.  In fact, it’s even become a part of pop culture.  Books have been written and movies have been made about the phenomenon that is Facebook and furthermore, the company released one of the most anticipated IPOs in history earlier this year.  Despite the diminishing value of Facebook’s shares, the network still controls a majority of the social networking market.

During Facebook’s rise, many competitors have attempted to duplicate its success; though to date, none have accomplished that feat.  Many have wondered if Facebook will lose its position as the largest social network now that social media is such a major part of the Internet landscape and competition is more abundant.  For the time being, Facebook’s reign looks to be fairly secure, but there is a particular competitor that has Facebook set squarely in its sights and could eventually get to the top spot.  Enter Google+.

Google+ could, in time, become the world’s foremost social network.  It’s grown very quickly in a very short time, offers a lot of similar functionality to Facebook and most importantly, is backed by Google.  Internet marketing companies see a lot of potential in G+, too.  Social media optimization strategies that were previously geared toward Facebook have been adjusted to include Google+ as a viable alternative.  Additionally, Google continues integrating the network into its search engine and other features.  While Google+ still has a long road ahead, it also has the resources to compete with Facebook on a level that other upstarts cannot and can utilize Google’s other revenue streams beyond advertising.  In the battle for social media supremacy, Google+ and Facebook are the obvious frontrunners.  However, only time will tell if G+ has the staying power to ascend from contender to champion and become the world’s most influential social network.

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