Google’s Little Hummingbird Can Tell You More

Ken Wisnefski Founder & CEO of Webimax, was featured in an article posted at on September 27,2013. The article discusses the new Hummingbird algorithm which was recently introduced by Google.

In the article, the Webimax CEO says, “Companies have already been trending towards using and relying on longer search queries anyway, so it’s possible Hummingbird won’t have too much of an impact.

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Published by Kenneth Wisnefski

Kenneth Wisnefski is a serial web entrepreneur currently on his 3rd successful startup. His previous ventures include (founded in 2001, sold in 2008), ImpactDirect (founded in 2005, sold in 2008) and WebiMax (founded in 2008). Mr. Wisnefski is an expert source in entrepreneurship, small business, online marketing, social media, and online security. Under Mr. Wisnefski’s leadership, WebiMax has grown from a small startup with 4 employees in 2008 to 130 employees and $8 million in revenue in 2011. WebiMax works with over 600 clients worldwide from individual and small business to large firms including Aeropostale, DirectTV, Marriott, and Toshiba. WebiMax’s core products and services include Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Website Design and Development, Paid Search, E-Commerce, and Search Engine Marketing.

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