How Long Will The Johnny Manziel Finger Incident Linger?

Ken Wisnefski discusses sports reputation management and the Johnny Manziel “gesture” incident.

Ken Wisnefski, the founder and CEO of internet marketer WebiMax, doesn’t think the nationally televised incident will linger long. “I think the chances of him doing something else are pretty high whether he’s seen partying or whatever,” Wisnefski said, hardly a ringing endorsement for Manziel’s smarts.

“All athletes could use a P.R. company to help guide them and save them from themselves. The middle finger was obviously done in the heat of the moment but it could have cost him an opportunity.”

Although Wisnefski feels the finger incident hurts the Manziel brand in terms of possible endorsements, he said, “I still think he has a tremendous upside and, if given the opportunity, he’s going to do pretty well.”

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