Ken Wisnefski in Mobile Marketer on Instagram’s purge of fake followers.




“A lot of stars do buy fake followers to pad their follow numbers and
 many just attract fake spam accounts that try to piggyback on their fame,” said Ken Wisnesfki, CEO and founder of WebiMax. 
”Companies and brands will cozy up to celebs and pay big bucks to get them
 to broadcast a message.

 “The fact is that a high number of followers, fake or not, does have the 
effect of attracting a percentage of real followers,” he said. “So buying fake 
followers wasn’t or still isn’t necessarily a bad investment, when you
consider the amount of money stars get paid to broadcast a message from
 other brands.”“Instagram’s own value is in their number of actual users looking for actual content from their friends, celebrities, other people of interest, and, yes, even brands,” Mr. Wisnefski said.