Ken Wisnefski in the Cision Blog discusses Facebook’s push to host news stories



According to social media expert Ken Wisnefski, traffic to the news sites may decrease, but consumption of stories in the newsfeed will increase and of course, revenue from the deal and ads that run alongside the content are a possibility.

“The worry for publishers is that Facebook has the power to decide what shows up inside people’s feed and can simply tweak an algorithm and a site can get significantly less traffic,” Ken says.  ”From Facebook’s angle, there’s no incentive to show stories that take people away from Facebook.”

“I think it’s feasible that this model could move to other social media networks,” Ken adds. “But between Facebook’s massive user base of 1.4 billion people, its knowledge about all those users, and its easy to use, easy to share format and the widest demographic, Facebook definitely has an advantage.”

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