Sept. 25th: NFL Referee Debacle Illustrates the Importance of Building a Powerful Business Brand

The Washington Post

In Ken Wisnefski’s latest article in The Washington Post’s “On Small Business” section, he discusses the NFL referee lockout and its possible effects on the NFL’s brand and fan loyalty.  Read more at

May 7 – WebiMax Launches, a Google Update Resource Center | San Francisco Chronicle

Google launched a major update to their search engine algorithm, titled the Penguin update on April 24th. The Penguin update targets websites and businesses that Google has identified as over-optimized and penalizes them for trying to trick their search algorithm and increase rankings. This update is predicted to impact 3% of all search queries.  Read more

Apr. 15 – Obama, Romney camps ready for digital warfare | Philadelphia Inquirer

Now that Rick Santorum has suspended his campaign and the race is on between President Obama and Mitt Romney, an unprecedented media war has begun. We’ve seen big media battles before. But in money, in woman- and man-hours, and in technical and strategic sophistication, this will be the biggest ever. Especially in Pennsylvania and other swing states, you’ll see television ads from both camps, and from the semianonymous political action committees that have become the coin of the 2012 realm.  Read more

Mar. 12 – To create brand attachment, tell your origin story | Washington Post

The media frenzy surrounding the sudden rise of New York Knicks point guard Jeremy Lin may be cooling, but it offers important branding lessons on how small businesses can raise their profiles. Lin’s surge to fame primarily reflected through social media and traditional media coverage alike has given marketers and advertisers an opportunity to leverage a trending phenomenon. Furthermore, it provides an example of an age-old marketing tactic.  Read more

Mar. 11 – Instant Outcry: With social media, reaction to Limbaugh remarks was swift and effective | Philadelphia Inquirer

It was a leaderless movement that waged war via new media. It got big people to back down and mighty corporations to change their ways. Stoked by the blogosphere and social media, the public outcry against talk-show host Rush Limbaugh may have helped spur an exodus of sponsors from his show, both nationally and locally.  Read more

Mar. 10 – Kony 2012 offers businesses lessons on viral marketing | Washington Post

This is now becoming more than a trend — viral is, in large part, the future of marketing. We’ve seen the physics of viral, most recently with “Tebowmania” and then its maturation with “Lin-sanity.”  But individuals, companies and now social causes are harnessing the exceptional power of viral for significant marketing gain.  Read more

Feb. 27 – Facebook works to get ads to mobile users | The Columbus Dispatch

Facebook disclosed an eye-opening fact this month when it filed its plan to go public: 425 million members access the social network on smartphones and tablets.  The disclosure sent up red flags for analysts, because the company also said it does not “currently directly generate any meaningful revenue from the use of Facebook mobile products, and our ability to do so successfully is unproven.”  Read more

Feb. 21 – Facebook Expected to Unveil Plan for Mobile Ads | San Francisco Chronicle

Facebook has designed Timeline to look the same on mobile devices as it does on PCs, although without the ads. Lieb said Facebook is also testing ads that appear like status updates on the news feed, yet remain in view longer, so they don’t get pushed down and out of sight right way. The ad could start as a friend’s “like” or other social activity, and only be seen within a friend’s network, she said.  Read more

Feb. 15 – Sixers: Race, not racism, plays role in Linsation | Philadelphia Inquirer

When Boxer Floyd Mayweather wrote on his Twitter account Monday that ‘Jeremy Lin is a good player but all the hype is because he’s Asian,’ and then later followed up with a tweet saying, ‘I’m speaking my mind on behalf of other NBA players. They are programmed to be politically correct and will be penalized if they speak up,’ I thought it made sense to ask some of the 76ers what they felt about Mayweather’s comments rather than let him speak for them.  Read more